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POSTUREST was initiated through a collaboration of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and bedding industry experts in Melbourne, Australia. The project brief was to address the needs of clients with insomnia, poor and disrupted sleep patterns and those suffering from back and spinal pains and discomfort. Introducing POSTUREST ACTIVE BACKREST Series, a mattress range designed after extensive research, trials and customer feedbacks that has produced the ultimate sleep experience. The mattresses are manufactured in Malaysia under strict quality controls as per approved design and specifications and closely monitored by our bedding industry experts. We guarantee the highest quality mattress at the best value as all our materials are sourced directly from leading factories across the globe. Try one now in the comfort of your home with a money back guarantee.

Infinite Support

Infinite Support

A perfect sleep experience must combine the right pillow structure with a mattress that offers the best quality specification of firmness and comfort padding that will contour and support the neck, back and spine. At POSTUREST, this is achieved through a combination of HELICaT Innerspring support system and layers of comfort foam padding.

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